Hiking in Ogliastra

Discover excursions into the hinterland of Ogliastra between highlands, forests, trails, caves, waterfalls, and one of the most wild areas of Sardinia. These itineraries are ideal for lovers of unspoiled nature, the scents and colors of the authentic Sardinia.

Horse riding excursions

For the horse riding lovers we propose a day in the saddle, surrounded by unspoiled nature and the rediscovery of values and traditions with an ancient and genuine taste. Crossing paths and trails you can explore the beauty of the ancient sheepfolds and become guests of the shepherds while enjoying the authentic flavors of local food.

Free climbing excursions

If you love free climbing, Ogliastra is one of the most popular destinations in Sardinia: the famous Aguglia di Goloritze, the walls of Jerzu and Ulassai, the solar cliffs overlooking the sea of Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese, the strict walls of Punta Giradili, or the relaxing climbing routes of the Villaggio Gallico will please all enthusiasts.

Excursions by motorbike

Come and experience an unforgettable journey through forests, canyons, streams and lush green valleys, enjoying the beauty of our landscapes. You can choose from tours of different lengths and difficulty: a half-day tour, or if you want to experience all the sensations that the motorbike offers ride a full day in contact with nature.

Green Train of Sardinia

One of the best ways to cross and enjoy the scenery of Sardinia, especially the interior, is through the Green Train. The train passes through an area rich in vegetation where the railroad, bridges, stations, and roadman’s houses always seem to be part of the landscape, perfectly placed in an environment, sometimes only reachable by rail.

Excursions by motocross

We suggest to all fans of motocross the opportunity to visit the hinterland of Ogliastra and enjoy travelling through spectacular trails rich of extraordinary beauty. The many available paths wind through lush forests, canyons, green valleys, unique colors and scents.

Excursions by off-road vehicles

The Sotto le Stelle Vacanze, thanks to the collaboration of experienced hikers, riding comfortable off-road vehicles, takes you along beautiful trails inland of Ogliastra where you can discover local flora and fauna, and ancient traditions and flavors of the typical products of Sardinia.

Hiking and trekking

Ogliastra is one of the wildest areas of the island, intended for experienced and veteran trekkers. Among the more challenging hikes is the “Selvaggio Blu" that winds along the coast. Even the discovery of some isolated little beaches in the Orosei Gulf is considered an experience not to be missed, while the descent down the narrow interior slopes provides an emotional experience and one of the most unique sights in Europe.

Excursions to the caves

Discover a subterranean world in the caves of Ogliastra. This itinerary will bring you into the mysterious tunnels of an ancient land millions of years old, into the chasms hidden in the heels of Ulassai and underwater cavities that open along the beautiful cliffs of the Baunei coast, to discover a unique and fascinating world.